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Discover your perfect marble: 3 Must-Ask Questions for the Perfect Design Fit

Architects, artists, and interior designers have always favoured marble because it adds a sense of sophistication to any space. With a variety of hues, patterns, and textures, each stone is a unique natural work of art.

While each marble fits distinctly into various spaces and applications, here are some questions to aid in one’s decision-making process:

1. How do you choose the right colour palette?

Your choice of colour can influence your space’s lighting. To maximise natural light, select hues that reflect and magnify it, creating a bright, welcoming atmosphere in line with your design vision. For instance, white marble can work wonders in opening up closed spaces, enhancing the sense of light, brightness, and spaciousness. On the other hand, for a cosier feel and to reduce the impact of light, opt for deeper, darker colour palettes. These stones can include rich, earthy hues like chocolate browns or reds, which add a touch of warmth and intimacy.

2. Is it symmetrical to my design vision?

3. What type of finish am I getting?

A polish or finish on a marble surface brings out its natural lustre adding depth and brightness to a space. Some finishes expose a stone’s natural elements and create a reflective surface, while others add another layer of design/pattern over the material. Based on the stone and its application, the type of finish will also help you pick pieces that complement the space.

With this beginner’s guide to buying marble, you can elevate your space with the perfect stone! For more design inspiration and marble solutions, explore our wide collection of marble at the MCI Experience Centre. 

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